Magnolia and Vine American Spirit

It’s hard to believe that the Fourth of July is right around the corner! One thing I love about Magnolia & Vine interchangeable jewelry, is that I can swap out snaps for the season, a holiday or whatever mood I’m in that day. Order now to get yours in plenty of time for the Fourth of July festivities.

Pictured left is the Luminous Pendant with Americana Swirl snap on a Weave Chain and the Wanderer Bracelet with Team USA snap

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Product # S0630
Length 7.5″. Magnetic closure. Holds 18mm Original Snaps.
Price: $47.99

Click to Shop the Luminous Pendant
Product # S0625
Holds 18mm Original Snaps.
Price: $21.99

We have several different chains and lengths to choose from to go with our pendants. Just click on Necklaces & Chains under Original Jewelry on my shopping site.

Below are several examples of our red, white and blue snaps that you can find by clicking on Original Snaps on my shopping site. Don’t forget our Buy 4 Snaps Get 1 Free deal!

Magnolia and Vine Red White Blue Snaps


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