Even though it is cold in many parts of the country, our new Spring line is hot! The colors of spring are in bloom. Go ahead—indulge in the latest colors and trends of the season and refresh your accessories wardrobe with brilliant turquoise, peachy pink and more! Love to wear your Miche backpack-style? Be sure to check out our first-ever Urban Bag Shell for the Demi— floral-print LaNor. A kaleidoscope of colors along with fabulous specialty bags and jewelry means there’s something just right for you. Bring on spring!  Check out our gorgeous new Spring collection of Miche Shells, Jewelry and accessories below. Click to see all new Miche releases on my Miche shopping site.


Miche February Releases


Pictured are the Mimi Shells for all bag sizes, Shelly Shells for Demi, Classic & Petite, Rita Shells for all bag sizes, Lila Shells for all bag sizes, Blanche Shells for Prima, Demi & Classic, Katrina Shells for Classic & Demi, Milea Shell for Prima and LaNor Demi backpack.


Prices, sales and availability are subject to change, be sure to also see my full Miche Bag shopping site for everything else that Miche has to offer!

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