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The BOGO Sale is over, but our 7th Anniversary celebration continues! We are counting down the final week before our anniversary with a whole new Shopportunity for you. We’re honoring our 7-year history—enjoy!

  • For the 7 days leading up to our 7th Anniversary, MICHE is offering a new assortment of items every day at incredible prices! Up to 67% off!
  • New daily items go active at 9 AM MOUNTAIN TIME EACH DAY. (11 AM EST, 10AM CST, 8 AM PST)
  • These items represent a little look back at our history and honor product lines introduced from 2007 to the present.
  • Sale ends Monday, July 7, 2014; 11:59pm Mountain Time.

If inventory allows, product availability will carry over into one or more subsequent days, but all items are while supplies last. 




See the full list for each day below:

Miche Anniversary 7 Day Sale

Prices and availability subject to change, be sure to also see my full Miche shopping website for everything that Miche has to offer! Check out my Miche Bag blog for the latest Miche news or subscribe to my Miche Newsletter for special news and sales.

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