Introducing Magnolia and Vine Custom Snaps

Introducing Magnolia and Vine Custom Snaps

Magnolia and Vine custom snap introI am so excited to share with you our brand new Magnolia and Vine custom snaps! Click the video above to see how our new custom snaps work! You can upload your own picture and have a snap created with the picture. These are so much fun! They make great gifts for friends and family, or yourself 🙂

Creating a Custom Snap is easy. Here’s how…once you purchase one or more Custom Snaps, you’ll be emailed or sent a Custom Snap code with instructions on how to finalize the customization process using the special website. Using that Custom Snap code number, you’ll upload photos and edit your designs on the Custom Snap Designer website. When you’ve created something you love – your Custom Snap will be handmade, then mailed to you. Voilà!

See our FAQ’s below or contact me if you have questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much does a Custom Snap cost?

$19.99 US/ $25.99 CA

2. How do I order a Custom Snap?

You can order a Custom Snap by clicking here. Please share your email at the time of purchase, then, you will receive your Custom Snap Code and design details via email. In addition, you will be mailed a card with instructions on how to upload an image and finalize your Custom Snap design. The card will be mailed to the address where your original order was placed.

3. Can I see what the Custom Snap will look like before ordering?

Once you purchase a Custom Snap you will design it AFTER the purchase is made. During the design process you will see a sample of what your Custom Snap will look before finalizing your order. Once the order is finalized, the sale is final and we cannot accept any refunds or exchanges.

4. When will I receive my Custom Snap Code to create my Custom Snap?

If you purchase your Custom Snap through a Social, you must first wait until the Social order is complete and submitted. When making your purchase, please provide your correct email address. Once the Social is submitted, you will receive your Custom Snap Code via email within 2 days of purchase. If not, you will receive a card in the mail with design instructions after your order has been finalized. If you purchase your Custom Snap online and share your correct email address, you will receive your Custom Snap Code within 2 days of purchase. If not, you will receive a card with design instructions after your order has been placed.

5. After I complete the design portion of the process, when will I receive my Custom Snap?

Once your design is finalized, please allow 7-10 business days for production time of your Custom Snaps. Once completed, Custom Snaps will be shipped regular delivery and may take an additional week to arrive.

6. Can I expedite the shipping for my Custom Snap?

Expedited shipping options for Custom Snaps are not available at this time.

7. Are there restrictions on the images I can use?

At Magnolia and Vine, we respect other people’s intellectual property rights and enforce our own rights. Please be aware Custom Snaps that have trademarked images will not be accepted without proper approval. Without approval we will cancel the Custom Snap order and issue a refund or allow for a different design to be applied. In addition to refusing to produce any Custom Snaps that infringe on other’s trademarks, we also reserve the right to refuse to produce any Custom Snap that we deem to be inappropriate at our sole discretion. In these cases, the order will be canceled and refunded.

8. What if I have permission to use a trademarked image?

Customers wishing to create Custom Snaps using trademarked images must e-mail Customer Support at CustomerSupport@ with an approval to use the trademark on the trademark owner’s letterhead. This letter must include the customer’s name and be signed by the trademark’s owner along with the owner’s contact information. Be sure to include your Custom Snap Code along with the required approval in your email, and use the subject “Custom Snap Trademark Permission”.

9. If I want to order multiples of the same Custom Snap, do I have to upload a photo for each Custom Snap?

Yes, you need to upload an image for each Custom Snap you order, even if the image is the same. You are not able to duplicate a previous design.

10. How do I upload an image?

Once you have entered your Custom Snap Code and are ready to create your Custom Snap(s), simply click the Upload Image button and select an image.

11. Are there Custom Snap Designer requirements?

Yes. Browser requirements: A recent version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Edge or Internet explorer 10 and up. Image types: Images must be in the format of JPG, GIF, or PNG. Most cameras save images in the JPG format. Image Dimensions: Images must be bigger than 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall at 72dpi resolution. File size: Images cannot be larger than 10MB size.

12. What if I don’t like the image I uploaded?

You are able to upload a new image and make changes to your Custom Snap. IMPORTANT: you must do so before finalizing your design. Once your order is submitted and you hit finalize, no changes to the Custom Snap design may be made.

13. What if I don’t like how my Custom Snap looks once I receive it?

Each Custom Snap is handmade based on the confirmed images you provide. Due to the handmade nature of these Snaps, there may be slight variations between Custom Snaps and no two may be exactly alike. Since Custom Snaps are personalized, all sales are final and we cannot accept any refunds or exchanges.

14. What is the size of the Custom Snap?

The Custom Snap is from the 18mm Original Snap Collection. We currently do not offer the 12mm Mini Snaps as Custom Snaps.

15. Where are your products made?

Our products are made in China but the images are printed and assembled in the US for US orders and Canada for Canada orders.

16. Where do you ship from?

We ship directly from our warehouse located in Minnetonka, MN for US orders or Burlington, Ontario, Canada for any Canada orders.

17. What if the product is damaged?

If the product is damaged you may return it within 90 days of purchase for a replacement.

18. What is your refund/exchange policy?

All sales are final and no returns are accepted.

19. Why can’t I access my code once redeemed?

Once your images have been uploaded and your order finalized, you are no longer able to make changes to your designs and therefore cannot use your code to access the design tool.

20. Will I be notified when my Custom Snap is shipped?

The completed Snap will be mailed in an envelope with tracking letter rates. If you have provided an email address when creating the Snap, USPS or Canada Post will send a tracking email.

21. Who do I contact with questions or help creating my Custom Snap(s)?

Contact me with any questions directly.

22. Where will my finished Custom Snap be delivered?

When designing your Custom Snap, the last step in the process is to confirm and finalize shipping. The default shipping information will be the address you used when placing your Custom Snap order and this address can be updated during the finalization process.

23. If I am designing multiple Custom Snaps, can I have each of those Custom Snaps mailed to a different address?

No, all Custom Snaps within one order must be shipped to the same address; no split shipments allowed.

24. Will the “BUY 4, GET 1 FREE” customer special apply to Custom Snaps?

The Custom Snaps are not included in the “BUY 4, GET 1 FREE” special.

25. Are there any quantity limits to how many I can order?

No, but if you are ordering multiple Custom Snaps with the same image, you need to upload an image for each Custom Snap you order even if the image is the exact same. You are not able to duplicate a previous design. All custom snaps within one order need to be designed at the same time. No split orders allowed.

26. Can I use my mobile device to design my Custom Snap?

You can, however the design process is optimal on a computer.

Be sure to check out the rest of my Magnolia and Vine blog and also my Magnolia and Vine shopping site for everything else we have to offer!

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