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Share the Love of Miche

I am excited to share a great Miche deal for you and your friends!


SAVE NOW: Save 15% off of your first order of $100 or more! Click here for your one time 15% off deal. The Miche Coupon Code will be automatically applied when you shop through the link. (This only applies for your first order through the program.)


SAVE LATER: You can Share the Love of Miche and get a $15 Miche credit* for each friend you refer who spends $100 or more on their first time purchase. That could add up to a lot of free Miche! It’s a win win!

*Excludes Take Two bundles and Hope collection items


Simply click the Share the Love link in the upper right hand or lower right hand corner of my website (See screenshot below). Go to my website http://handbagsbymelinda.com/shop and you will see the Share the Love link to click on in the upper right hand corner or lower right hand corner. You can share via email or social media. You will be emailed your special Miche Coupon Code when your friends redeem their 15% off coupon. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Miche Share the Love screenshot
Click on Share the Love or Share and Earn $15

Share the Love Pop up
This box will pop up, fill out the info and click send

When you click on Share the Love, you will get a pop up box like the one above on the right (if you don’t see it, turn off your pop-up blocker or hold down the CTRL key). You can share via email, Facebook or Twitter. Fill in your info and you are on your way to getting free Miche! Click on email my stats to get updates when a friend uses their coupon and you get your Miche credit.


Program is subject to change without notice.

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